Mark Harris

Mark Harris was President of the Board of Directors at the Grand Valley Drainage District when the drainage District imposed the "fee" that was later ruled to be a double tax .  This information was provided by Grand Valley Drainage District Manager, Tim Ryan. By phone October 2018

Mark Harris - Water Marketer

Grant application shows that Harris and BOD are involved in marketing the shareholders water.

 WaterSMART: Water Marketing Stragety Grants FY 2017   (Document PDF below)

Page 20

Mark Harris, General Manager –GVWUA has been working on water marketing since 

Mark began working as General Manager of GVWUA. 

Mark will be co-managing this project.


Luke D. Gingerich, PE, J-U-B Engineers, Inc. – Luke has been working with the GVWUA since 

2015 evaluating their system and creating the CCUPP. Luke has worked in western Colorado as 

a water resource engineer since 2009. Luke will be co-managing this project. Luke will be 

working under contract with the GVWUA. 

Mark A. Hermundstad, Legal Counsel – Mark has over 36 years of legal experience much of 

which has been working in water law. Mark is highly regarded by his colleagues and widely 

respected in the water community. He has served as legal counsel to the GVWUA and other 

Western Slope water users (currently legal counsel for Ute Water) for many 

years. Mark’s ability to participate in this project brings significant expertise and credibility to the 

outreach efforts. 

Mark will be working under contract with the GVWUA.

Holly's comments:

1.Mark Harris has been working on water marketing since he began at GVWUA!   According to Colorado State law which prohibits speculation on water, water marketing is illegal.

2. Mark Hermunstad and Luke Gingerich will be working under contract with the GVWUA. 

 Using GVWUA funds to pay them to market  our water rights. Not in the best interest of the shareholders!

Harris also added a 3% rate increase to the base assessment to offset GVWUA operational increases for 2018.

 I guess he needed more money to pay the water lawyer and engineer for his scam!

Marketing the GVWUA shares is illegal and not in the best interest of the shareholders,

3.If Hermunstad, a water lawyer, is as smart as the writer of this bio says, why is he working on water marketing, an activity which is illegal in the State of Colorado? Hermunstad has been counsel for GVWUA and doesn't know that the Articles of Incorporation state;  the water is tied to the land and cannot be seperated?  Just because something is illegal it doesn't stop the SCAMMERS agenda!

 Highlights-WaterSMART: Water Marketing Stragety Grants FY 2017   (Document PDF below)

Page 2

Applicant Info
Project Name: Beyond Conserved Consumptive Use: Creating Productive Water Market Strategies
Date: April 18, 2017 

Applicant Name
Grand Valley Water Users Association (GVWUA)
City, County, and State
Grand Junction, Mesa
County, Colorado
Project Manager:
Name: Mark Harris, General Manager,GVWUA
Address: 1147 24 Road, Grand Junction CO 81505



Project Funding Request: Funding Group I – Total Project Cost $265,900. Funding Request $128,000. 

Project Summary: 

The Grand Valley Water Users Association (GVWUA) has been deeply involved in exploring the supply side of water marketing in the GVWUA Conserved Consumptive Use Pilot Project currently underway.  The GVWUA application request is titled 

“Beyond Conserved Consumptive Use: Creating Productive Water Market Strategies” (Beyond Project).

Page 7

Bureau of Reclamation & Upper Colorado River Commission working  with Mark Harris. 


Previous Water Marketing Work 

The GVWUA has been working with Reclamation’s Western Colorado Area Office throughout 2015 and 2016 in order to keep local Reclamation staff informed of the GVWUA water marketing work. GVWUA understands that they must work collaboratively with Reclamation on all water-marketing strategies. Local Reclamation staff have been supportive of the work and 

have provided critical feedback throughout the process. GVWUA provided Reclamation 

with copies of all of the final reports and relied upon Reclamation’s 

expertise and knowledge of the GVP (Grand Valley Project, name of the Bureau of Reclamation's project to bring water to the Grand Valley in 1905). 

HOLLY: The Bureau of Reclamation is in on the ILLEGAL activity providing support and feed back! 

Page 8


The GVWUA 2017 CCUPP has also received over $500,000 from the System Conservation Pilot 

Project (SCPP). 

HOLLY: The System Conservation Pilot Project  was designed to promote water conservation in the Lower Colorado River system (Nevada, Arizona, California).  The $525,000 to pay for this illegal program in the Upper Colorado River basin is an ILLEGAL transfer of money in a Federal Government entity.  The following link explains what the funding in the LOWER COLORADO RIVER was to go for.

The Upper Colorado grant money was to go to conservation in the the Units. The Units are Aspinall, Flaming Gorge, Navajo and Glen Canyon Dams.


Page 14

"After the beyond Project , GVWUA and stakeholders will be one step closer to move water from one use to another."

Stakeholders - The Upper Colorado River  Commission $525,000, Bureau of Reclamation $128,000, Grand Valley Water  Users Association $14,400 cash, the radical environmental group The  Nature Conservancy $37,500 cash, Water Bank Work Group $5,000 cash,  $51,000 GVWUA for in-kind services, Aurora Water $1,500, Colorado  Cattleman's Association $5,000, Colorado River District $10,000,  Colorado Water Conservation Board $13,500, Orchard Mesa Irrigation  District $10,000, 

Palisade Irrrigation District $1,000, The Nature  Conservancy $10,000,  Tri-state Generation and Transmission Assoc.  $6,000, Trout Unlimited $1,500, Western Resource Advocates $5,000.


HOLLY: These organizations are ready and willing to SELL OUR SENIOR WATER  RIGHTS ILLEGALLY.  To   "move water from one use to another" is in direct opposition to Colorado's Prior Appropration Law.


"In-stream flows will be augmented during drought because water that would have previously 

been consumptively used will travel downstream to reservoirs. Specifically, one outcome of a fully developed water market may include increased inflows to Lake Powell. 

HOLLY: When did it become the job of the Grand Valley to fill Lake Powell?

1.   California has been taking more than their allotment of water for years.

2.  Los Angeles is not in the Colorado River Basin. 

3. Utah is looking at a pipeline from Lake Powell to southern Utah to put their allotment to use.

 in a fight between fish and farmers, the farmers always get the short stick. 

Page 15 Complex legal issues to overcome (State and Federal laws that protect our water rights)


Describe your plans and timeline for implementing the strategy upon its completion. 

Upon completion of the Beyond Project, GVWUA and the stakeholders hope to be one step closer to the development of a water-market in western Colorado. 

Are there complex issues, including issues of law or policy, that would need to be resolved before the strategy could be implemented?

There are complex legal issues that must be resolved. In the Beyond Project, GVWUA will conduct outreach with state agencies and gain a better understanding of what those legal issues are. They will begin the conversation about how to address the legal issues. Legal issues associated with shepherding water involved in a transaction must be addressed by the state of Colorado. After the Beyond Project, they hope to be able to deliver valuable information to those decision makers who must construct the legal framework for a water market. 

HOLLY: Sheparding water- getting the water to a destination without anyone using it. Colorado water law prohibits sheparding water 

 Colo Rev Stat 37-81-102 It is the duty of the state engineer, the division engineers, and the water commissioners of this state to see that the waters of the state are available for the use and benefit of the citizens and inhabitants of the state for its growth, prosperity, and general welfare, and it is the further duty of said officials to prevent the waters thereof from being diverted, carried, conveyed, or transported by ditches, canals, pipes, conduits, natural streams, watercourses, or other means into other states for use therein

HOLLY: The people who are required to protect the interests of the Citizens of Colorado, Gov. Hickenlooper, Attorney General- Cynthia Coffman, State Engineer- Kevin Rein and the appointed boards, Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado River District are all incriminated by their actions or lack of action on this issue of importance - WATER THEFT.

Page 17


Is there opposition to the proposed strategy? If so, describe the opposition and explain how it will be addressed. Opposition will not necessarily result in fewer points.


Any use of agricultural water rights for other purposes in controversial. This fact highlights the 

importance of the Beyond Project. It also highlights the unique opportunity this project presents. 

The GVWUA has already undertaken the significant and difficult task of developing a pilot project. GVWUA can utilize their experience to demonstrate to others that are involved in water marketing.

HOLLY: Yes, there is opposition and it is growing.  Please inform all citizens of the hostile take over of our property rights. The term water marketing comes up over and over in this grant application. I think they want to market our water!


Grand_Valley_Application_Package_508 (pdf)