Voting Shares

Shareholders of record with at least one (1) class one share may vote. 

If you own under one acre and are not eligible to vote please help by informing your neighbors and contacting our elected representatives. 

See contact page


If you are interested in adding your class one shares to this effort please call or email your name address and number of voting shares.

Holly 970-208-7418


Special Meeting

Colorado nonprofit law states that a special meeting of the stockholders may be called on one or more written demands stating the purpose for which it is to be held, signed and dated by members holding at least 10% of the voting stock.

Demand the firing of the Manager Mark Harris and the resignation of the entire Board of Directors for failure to uphold the Articles of Incorporation, conflict of interest and fraud.

Derivative Suit

 Colorado nonprofit law states that a derivative suit can be brought against the Board of Directors for failing to uphold the best interest of the shareholders. Voting member(s) having 5% of the voting power may bring a derivative suit against the Directors.

Thank you

I appreciate your support. I am thankful to have been in the service of the Lord on this project. Prayer from friends have provided the necessary strength and wisdom to see and understand. 

The Lord is my shepherd!